Amit Varma

Amit Varma

CTO | Fintech Pioneer | Product & Technology Leader, CitiBank

Senior Executive & visionary technology leader with a strong track-record of strategy creation & execution, technology innovation, product/ solution engineering, talent growth/empowerment, digital/ IT transformation and delivery excellence.

Through technology leadership, IT strategy formulation, visionary product roadmap development, technology innovation, planning and flawless execution, Amit has delivered award-winning software products, solutions & services, thereby leading to significant new business revenue & efficiency gains. 

Over 20+ years, Amit has pioneered technology innovation & product development based on Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cloud, Big Data, Machine Learning, Cryptocurrency, Microservices, Biometric Digital Security, Web & e-Commerce technology.

Amit is an excellent organisation-builder and team-nurturer, who thrives at the opportunity to build & grow organisations/teams and to mentor, guide the talent and goals’ fulfilment of his team-members.

With a passion for IT transformation/ continuous improvement & strong expertise in Agile, DevOps, Design Thinking, CMMI & ISO practices, Amit has established greenfield/ reinvented brownfield IT ecosystems for large-scale/ start-up Financial Services, Telecom & Automotive firms, thereby helping them transition into the modern digital age.